Promotion of vegetable and fruit consumption of schoolchildren – PRO GREENS


Study design

A longitudinal observational design will be applied in which children complete validated questionnaires assessing their fruit and vegetable consumption and related factors when they are in 5th grade and again one year later. In addition, school staff will complete questionnaires assessing school policies related to food consumption.

Study population

A total number of 1000 children will be recruited through primary schools, taking non-response and drop out into account, a total number of about 800 pupils will have complete data at follow up. The study sample will be representative for the total Dutch population of 11-year-olds.


Previously used validated questionnaires from the Pro Children study will be used to assess fruit and vegetable intake both by means of Food Frequency Questions as well as by means of a 24 hours recall questionnaire. In addition, a wide range of personal, social and environmental determinants will be assessed. School staff will complete questionnaires related to school policies regarding food intake.