The @RISK Study: Risk communication for patients with type 2 diabetes


A randomised controlled trial will be performed in the the Diabetes Care System West-Friesland. Newly diagnosed patients with type 2 diabetes not older than 75 years will be invited to participate in the study. The patients will be randomised into a control and an intervention group.
The control group will receive standard managed care of the Diabetes Care System West-Friesland, which consists of a visit to a diabetes nurse followed by a visit to a dietician. The intervention group will receive this standard managed care and an intervention on risk communication by a diabetes nurse (part 1) and dietician (part 2)
Questionnaires will be assessed at baseline, at 2 weeks (after the visit to the diabetes nurse and dietician) and at 12 weeks. The primary outcome is risk perception. Secundary outcomes are the attitude and intention to change behaviour (according to the Theory of Planned Behaviour) and illness perception (according to Leventhal's self-regulation theory).