Assessment of the heritability of different aspects of betacell function in normoglycaemic monozygotic and dizygotic twins

Staff and Partners

 Project leader : Dr E.M.W. Eekhoff (1), internist endocrinologist,
PhD student :A.M.C. Simonis-Bik (1), paediatrician, MD,
Responsible investigator: Prof. Dr R.J.Heine (1), internist
Participants :
Prof.Dr D.I.Boomsma (2), Prof.Dr Geus,(2) Prof Dr J.M.Dekker (3), Prof.Dr M.H.H.Kramer (1), Dr.M.Diamant(1), Dr.T.Maassen(4).
1 = Department of Endocrinology, VUMC, Amsterdam
2 = Biological Psychology, VU, Amsterdam
3 = EMGO Institute, VU, Amsterdam
4 = Molecular Diabetology, LUMC,Leiden