Meal-related hypertriglyceridaemia and low-grade inflammation in relation to betacell function in the general population

Staff and Partners

 Project Leader: J.M. Dekker,

Internal collaborations:
Prof.dr. G. Nijpels
Prof. Dr. R.J. Heine
Dr. E.M.W. Eekhoff
Dr. P.J. Kostense
Dr. J.M. Rijkelijkhuizen 
Dr. M. Alssema

External collaborations: 
T. Doesburg, Department of Radiology, Westfries Gasthuis, Hoorn, the Netherlands
Dr. A. Gastaldelli, Institute of Clinical Physiology, National Research Council, Pisa, Italy
Dr. A. Mari, Institue of Biomedical Engineering, National Research Council, Padua, Italy
Dr. C.J. Girman, Dr. T. Rhodes, Merck 
Prof.dr. J.J. Holst, Department of medical Physiology, The Panun Institute, University of Copenhagen, Denmark