Meal-related hypertriglyceridaemia and low-grade inflammation in relation to betacell function in the general population


 - To study the various anthropometric, metabolic and pro-inflammatory determinants of beta-cell function in the general population.
- To compare the relationship of measures of insulin sensitivity and insulin secretion of an MTT and an OGTT in a randomly selected group of subjects in a community setting.
- To assess the association of fasting and post-meal triglycerides and free fatty acids with estimated beta-cell function and measures of insulin sensitivity, and with components of the insulin resistance syndrome in the 40-65-year old population.
- To evaluate to which extent life-style habits contribute to this possible relationship.
- To characterize the responses of GLP-1 and GIP following a meal tolerance test and an OGTT and to relate these responses to measures of insulin sensitivity and secretion.