Child, parent, youth health care practioner-perceived determinants of child sleep behaviour: a concept map (WC2016-071)


Starting date: 08/11/2016

Healthy sleep behaviour is of importance in the fight against overweight and obesity as well as in improving children’s cognitive development, psychosocial health and school performance. To develop effective interventions promoting healthy sleep behaviour, it is of crucial importance to understand how children sleep and what factors influence their sleep. At this moment we are conducting a systematic literature review focussing on these determinants. Examples are consumption of caffeine consisting products, screen use (i.e. TV, tablet or smartphone) before going to bed, and irregular bedtimes. However, children’s perspectives on the determinants of their sleep behaviour (i.e. sleep- quality and duration) have not been studied yet. Insight into child-perceived determinants of healthy or unhealthy sleep behaviour could further improve understanding of sleep behaviour in children, which is relevant information to design an effective intervention.

Insight in parent’s perspectives is also important as they play a significant role in the sleep behaviour of their children. Finally, insight in child health care (CHC) practitioners’ perspectives may provide additional information as CHC practitioners (in Dutch: Jeugdgezondheidzorg (JGZ)) provide basic health care for all children aged 0-18 years. They are specialized in prevention and early detection of health problems and promoting healthy behaviour, including sleep.

Therefore, the current study aims to gain insight in the perspectives of children, parents and CHC practitioners on determinants of children’s sleep behaviour.