Stand Up for Health: Understanding sedentary behaviours and working towards healthy solutions (WC2015-039)


Starting date: 01/07/2015

The STAND UP FOR HEALTH project uses survey data, DNA data and data on biomarkers for cardio-metabolic health of the Netherlands Twin Register. In addition, accelerometer data are being collected in a large number of twins and their siblings as part of the project.

To address objective 1, genetic twin models will be fitted on survey data and accelerometer data. These models allow the decomposition of variance into variance that is (1) due to genes, (2) due to the part of the environment that two twins of a pair share or (3) due to the part of the environment that they do not share. Objective 2 will be addressed by means of an association study between sedentary behavior and genetic DNA markers. Finally, the association between sedentary behavior and biomarkers in the blood will be examined while controlling for genetic background and shared environmental effects.