Everything is health in the school canteen. Implementation and evaluation of the Dutch Guidelines Healthier School Canteens (WC2015-008 HZ)


Starting date: 12/05/2015

With a qualitative study, insights in barriers and facilitators for creating a healthy school canteen were gained. During an expert meeting 25 experts in the field of implementation and dietary behavior and stakeholders from practice and policy were then asked to prioritize the identified barriers and facilitators and provide ideas for implementation strategies and materials. Finally, the results of the expert meeting and literature were translated into implementation strategies and materials were developed.

In a quasi-randomized study design, with 10 intervention and 10 control schools, the intervention schools will implement the Dutch Guidelines Healthier Canteens for 4-6 months aiming to reach a healthy school canteen. The process is measured with a logbook, an online and telephone questionnaire, consisting of the process evaluation questions fidelity, dose completeness, exposure and satisfaction of each implementation method.

The effect on purchase behavior and determinants of purchase behavior of adolescents will be measured with an online questionnaire measured by 100 second or third years’ student of each school. The level of the canteen is measured with the Canteen Scan, a tool to measure to what extent the canteen accomplishes the Guidelines for Healthier Canteens.

It is hypothesized that implementation of the Guidelines Healthier Canteens will lead to more healthy and less unhealthy purchase behavior of food and drinks of adolescents in the school setting. This study will recommendations for national dissemination of the Dutch Guidelines Healthier Canteens.