Everything is health in the school canteen. Implementation and evaluation of the Dutch Guidelines Healthier School Canteens (WC2015-008 HZ)


Starting date: 12/05/2015

To influence the growing obesity problem and stimulate healthy eating and physical activity behaviour environmental interventions, like healthy school canteens, are recommended. A healthy school canteen may stimulate adolescents to eat healthier during school time.

Therefore, the Netherlands Nutrition Centre has developed Guidelines for Healthier Canteens. According to these new Guidelines a school canteen is healthy when it offers healthy products and have a healthy appearance. For school canteens two healthy levels are distinguished; Silver if 60-80 percentage and Gold if 80 or more percentage of the product offer and appearance is healthy (More information about the Guidelines for Healthier Canteens can be found on this site).

To facilitate implementation of these guidelines, implementation strategies and methods needed to be developed. As well, barriers and facilitators of implementing the Guidelines according to stakeholders and the relation between implementing the Guidelines in secondary schools and purchase behavior of students is unknown.