Evaluation and improvement of current guidelines for treatment of obesity in older adults (WC2015-043 HZ)


Starting date: 27/10/2015

The aim of this PhD-project is to contribute to the optimalization of current guidelines for weight loss for use in older obese adults.


The following questions will be answered in this project:


Description of current dietetic practice

  1. What is the current dietetic approach and effectivity of the treatment of obese older adults in the Netherlands?
  2. What are success and failure factors in this treatment?


Estimation of amount of energy and protein in a hypocaloric diet to preserve muscle mass in older obese adults

  1. What is the validity of current resting energy equations and could a newly developed equation specific for obese older adults improve the validity?
  2. What is the relation between amount of protein, type of protein, amino acid composition, level of (resistance) training and to 5-year change in muscle mass in obese elderly?


Evaluation of the effectivity of extra protein in the diet and resistance training on muscle mass, fat mass, muscle strength, physical functioning and insuline sensitivity during weight loss in older overweight and obese adults

  1. What is the effect of 3x per week resistance training and/or a high protein (hypocaloric) diet on change in fat free mass and fat mass, physical functioning and quality of life in overweight older adults.
  2. What is the effect of protein supplementation combined with resistance training during 13 weeks of weight loss on preservation of muscle mass and insuline sensitivity in older obese diabetic adults?