How sickening is sitting (WC2010-083)

How sickening is sitting


Starting date: 01/03/2013

Recent data demonstrate that children spent a lot of time sedentary (i.e. seated). For example, European 10-12 year olds spent on average 8.7 hrs/day sedentary, of which 112 min/day watching TV and 82 min/day using the computer. The benefits of physical activity are widely acknowledged, but potential negative health effects of young people’s sedentary behaviour are not well understood. Importantly, one can meet the physical activity recommendations and can still be at increased risk of ill health due to excessive sitting during the rest of the day.

This study will examine whether the limited time spent on physical activity can compensate for the prolonged time spent sitting during the rest of the day. To inform future preventive interventions focusing on reducing sedentary behaviour, personal and environmental correlates and determinants of sedentary behaviour will be identified.