Academic Collaborative Centers and Research

Academic Collaborative Centers and Research & Expertise Centers

In order to have a true impact on the daily practice of extramural and transmural health care EMGO+ has established over the years a number of  the so-called Academic Collaborative Centers (‘Academische Werkplaatsen’) and Research & Expertise Centers.

Academic Collaborative Centers

The Academic Collaborative Centers are formal collaborations between EMGO+ and practice settings to conduct practice-based research of strong methodological rigor. In our 2014 Annual Report, the  EMGO+ Academic Collaborative Centers  active in 2014 are listed in table 8 (page 50-51). In these collaborative networks, practice, research, education and policy are brought together by direct collaboration between clinicians, teachers, researchers and managers.

Research & Expertise Centers

The Research & Expertise Centers active in 2014 are listed below and in appendix 18 of our 2014 annual report. These centers cover specific topics of applied research and develop and provide expertise relevant to health care practice.

  • Body@Work - In 1996, EMGO and TNO (Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek (in English: Applied Scientific Research)) joined forces to research, consult, and solve problems in the broad field of occupational health. more »  

  • Center of Expertise in Palliative Care - The Center of Expertise in Palliative Care (CEPC) at the VUmc is one of the four centres of Expertise in the Netherlands. It is a so-called network organisation. more »

  • Center of Expertise in Measurements Instruments (KCMI) - KCMI aims to improve the quality of measurements in medical and health science research as well as clinical practice.

  • Health Technology Assessment Unit (HTA) - The HTA Unit’s main objective is to establish a high quality scientific research programme, but it also consults, offers support and advice concerning economic evaluations to colleagues within the VUmc, and educates, training students in economic evaluation. More on » and on »

  • Safety4Patients - Aim of this center is to enhance insight into the method and culture that can improve patient safety and to apply these in the health care setting more. more »

  • Knowledge Centre for Insurance Medicine - Aim of the center is to enhance the level of science and knowledge of insurance medicine. more »

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