Amsterdam Center on Aging (ACA)

About the Amsterdam Center on Aging

Of all Dutch universities, the VU University and VU University Medical Center harbour the highest number of professors working in the field of ageing and old age. Spread throughout the campus they provide an unsurpassed interdisciplinary knowledge-base on ageing, which is of crucial importance in an ageing society. The research on ageing that is conducted at VU University and VU University Medical Center is broad, ranging from fundamental science on biology of ageing and applied research into health and care innovation to ethics, economy, juridical science and research on social networks of older people and healthy lifestyles. The Amsterdam Center on Ageing (ACA) is the platform in which the researchers all get together, discuss research plans and opportunities, exchange research findings and communicate about their work with one another, the general public and other stakeholders from policy to health and social care organizations. Several EMGO+ researchers participate in the ACA board, reflecting EMGO’s central position in ageing-related research within VU and VUmc.

The main activities of ACA center around its three aims: 1) knowledge dissemination, i.e. transference of relevant research findings to stakeholders, for instance by means of factsheets, films, lectures and courses for health care professionals, 2) research coordination; i.e. fostering interdisciplinary translational research collaboration, and 3) maintaining and expanding ties with national and international researchers and stakeholders with the ultimate aim to conduct excellent fundamental as well as applied science on ageing.

ACA Daily Board

  • Guy Widdershoven (Chairman Executive Board, Research Coordination) 
  • Andrea Maier (Member Executive Board, Research Coordination)           
  • Martijn Huisman (Member Executive Board, Research Coordination)             
  • Rose-Marie Dröes (Member Executive Board, Knowledge Dissemination)  

More specific information about ACA: