Science Comittee

The Amsterdam Public Health Scientific Quality Committee

As of January 2nd, the 'old' Science Committee of APH-VU/VUmc (EMGO+) will not accept any new proposals. Already submitted proposals will be assessed and properly settled according to the former EMGO+ procedures. New APH-VU/VUmc proposals that would otherwise have been submitted to the Science Committee, can now be submitted to the Scientific Quality Committee.

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About the Science Committee

The main task of the Science Committee is to advise the Director on the methodological quality of all new research proposals submitted by researchers to be included into one of the APH research programs1. Only after approval of a positive advice from the Science Committee by the Director, a project will be embedded within the APH Institute. In addition, approval of the Science Committee is required before a project can be submitted to the Medical Ethical Committee of the VU University Medical Center. 

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In addition, the Science Committee gives solicited and unsolicited advice to the Director and assists in other grant rounds when requested by the Director.

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Science Committee August,  2014

1From January 2017, all our research will be embedded into one of the eight Amsterdam Public Health (APH) research programs. At the same time, we will settle all current EMGO+ affairs properly. In anticipation of definite decisions concerning APH-procedures, the methodological quality of research proposals submitted to the Science Committee will be assessed in accordance with existing EMGO+ procedures. Additionally, we will embed all research proposals that are submitted after January 1, 2017, into one of the eight APH research programs. Consequently, all research proposals that are submitted to the Science Committee after January 1, 2017, will be forwarded to the new APH program leaders of VU/VUmc to check for suitability and relevance for the respective APH program (previously, this was the task of the program leaders of the four EMGO+ programs).
In this transition period, the assessment concerning scientific quality and feasibility will be in accordance with EMGO+ procedures.

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