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About the PhD Committe

The central objective of the PhD Committee is to facilitate high quality supervision and education for all PhD candidates of the EMGO+ Institute in order to deliver excellent researchers.

The PhD Committee advises the EMGO+ executive board on matters concerning education, supervision and assessment of PhD candidates. The PhD committee is responsible for reviewing the ‘training and supervision plan’ (TSP) that is designed and signed at the beginning of each PhD project. This agreement lists the auxiliary courses as defined by EMGO+ and other selected courses that the PhD candidate must complete alongside the PhD research project. The overall aim of the agreement is to ensure a course program that combines a general academic education with specialized training tailored to the individual PhD candidate and project requirements. The committee monitors the PhD trajectories as well by sending emails to PhD candidates every year. Beyond its review and advice functions, the committee offers assistance when PhD candidates find themselves in a dispute with their supervisors.

The PhD Committee consists of senior investigators and PhD candidates representing each research program:

You can contact them by sending a personal email or by using the general email address:

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