Methodological Expertise Centers

Methodological Expertise Centers

Researchers in the institute can obtain support for a number of crucial steps in the research process of which we highlight three elements here, clinimetrics, epidemiology, and statistical analysis.

Knowledge center on Measurement Instruments

The mission of the knowledge center on Measurement Instruments is to optimize the quality of measurement in health science and medical research by consultations, education, and research. For this purpose, the center gives advice and cooperates with researchers from different fields of health science and medical research in searching for available measurement instruments, examining the quality of the available measurement instruments, choosing the most appropriate measurement instrument for a certain purpose, and designing and performing studies on measurement properties of measurement instruments. Important international research projects are the work of the COSMIN initiative ( which aims to improve the selection of health measurement instruments, and the Dutch-Flemish PROMIS group (, which aims to translate, validate, and implement high quality IRT-based PROMIS instruments and Computer Adaptive Tests in the Netherlands and Flanders. In 2014 the VUmc working group on Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) was set up to bring researchers and clinicians in VUmc together to exchange knowledge and experience on using PROMs in research and clinical practice. Eight new grants were obtained for research on the development and validation of different measurement instruments.


EMGO+ has a long standing expertise in epidemiology, of which the EpidM master program, accredited by the Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO) is a prime example ( Apart from the standard arsenal of epidemiological techniques, EMGO+ researchers are well versed in multilevel analysis, meta-analysis, genetic association analysis and mixed methods techniques. The latter are needed when addressing research questions that require a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods. For instance, quantitative methods can give insight in the frequency of a phenomenon, while qualitative methods can shed light on the way this phenomenon is experienced and impacts the life of people who encounter this phenomenon. Especially within the research program Quality of Care there is extensive experience with mixed methods of research, and this expertise is broadly shared with fellow EMGO+ researchers.

E&B Xpert

E&B Xpert is part of the VUmc department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics. It supports researchers at the beginning of their research in choosing a study outcome, with sample size calculations and in preparing a plan for the statistical analysis of their data. E&B Xpert also assists researchers in analyzing data resulting from their studies, in presenting the results in reports and papers and in answering reviewers' questions on statistical issues. E&B Xpert supports ranges from short consultations via e-mail, telephone or in person to long-term participation in medical and biomedical research projects. Statisticians, epidemiologists, health economists and clinimetricians provide the expertise and support.

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