Quality of our research

Quality of our research

The EMGO+ institute has a number of institute specific resources that strongly facilitate scientific integrity and the quality of all phases of research, including study design, data collection, data analysis and reporting. It is clearly recognized that our role is to provide an environment that encourages good conduct in research and discourages misconduct, and to provide tools that maximize high quality research. However, as the EMGO+ executive board has no formal role in the governance of research personnel, the responsibility for actual behavior remains with the department heads.

Science Committee

The main task of the Science Committee is to advise the Director on the methodological quality of all new research proposals submitted by researchers to be included into one of the APH research programs. Only after approval of a positive advice from the Science Committee by the Director, a project will be embedded within the APH Institute. In addition, approval of the Science Committee is required before a project can be submitted to the Medical Ethical Committee of the VU University Medical Center.  Read more >>

Quality Committee

The Quality Committee is responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining a system for quality assurance and control for the institute. The system is aimed at supporting and improving the research process. Moreover, the Quality Committee advises the EMGO+ executive board on quality issues. To fulfil its tasks the quality committee audits research projects, maintains and expands a web-based quality manual and provides personal introductions to all newly appointed researchers within the institute.  Read more >>

PhD Committee

The central objective of the PhD Committee is to facilitate a high quality supervision of and education for the PhDs of the EMGO+ Institute in order to deliver excellent researchers. The PhD Committee advises the EMGO+ executive board on matters concerning education, supervision and assessment of PhD students. The PhD committee is responsible for reviewing the ‘education and supervision agreement’ that is designed and signed at the beginning of each PhD project.  Read more >>

Methodological Expertise Centers

Researchers in the Institute can request support by a number of crucial steps in the research process of which we highlight three elements here, data management, clinimetrics and statistical analysis.  Read more >>