Prof. dr. Maurits van Tulder ranked as world’s most leading back pain expert

Date published: June 12th, 2014

Prof. dr. Maurits van Tulder ranked as world’s most leading back pain expert

Ranking organization Expertscape has recognized prof. dr. Maurits van Tulder as the world's number one expert in research and treatment of back pain.

In the Expertscape’s ranking, Maurits van Tulder, head of the VU FALW department of Health Sciences, is ranked first of a group of 33.200 other researchers who are viewed. The classification is based on an objective data-driven healthcare tool, using a number of peer-reviewed scientific publications in PubMed.

According to a news item on the VU website, Maurits van Tulder was pleased with his number one position: “I am proud to be ranked as the number one expert on back pain. This is a nice reward for years of interfaculty research between the VU department of Health Sciences and the VUmc departments of Public & Occupational Health and Epidemiology & Biostatistics.”

Since 1992 Van Tulder researches back pain and possible treatment methods. This has shown that exercise therapy is one of the most successful treatment for back pain. Recent research from the WHO showed that back pain is the number one disease with the greatest burden of disease in the western world. Many people suffer from it. It often begins at a relatively young age and the symptoms often persist. Also absenteeism due to back pain is enormous. Hence it is not only a major problem for patients, but also for society.

About Expertscape

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