1,3 million € research funding for Blended Care treatment for patients with mental disorders: BETTER

Date published: August 8th, 2013

1,3 million € research funding for Blended Care treatment for patients with mental disorders: BETTER

The Psychiatric Department of the VU Medical Centre, the regional mental health service organisation GGZinGeest and the VU University Department of Clinical Psychology will collaborate on Blended Treatments for mental disorders for the years to come. The aim of this collaboration is to develop, evaluate and implement Blended Treatments for disorders such as unipolar and bi-polar depressive disorders and anxiety disorders.

Blended treatment entails a combination of evidence based face to face treatment and eHealth such as the Internet and smartphones. This combination is foreseen to be a promising and cost-effective way of treatment delivery. However, empirical studies to underpin this promise are scarce. Few studies are yet available that assess the clinical efficacy and efficiency as well as the implementation potential and cost of Blended Treatment programmes. Our Blended Treatment Research program (BlEnded TreaTmEnt Research: BETTER) is now partly funded for 1,3 million Euro  by the Innovation Foundation for Dutch Health Care Insurers; The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and the European Research Framework. It will take places from 2013 – 2018. The funding has been ascertained for 1,3 million Euro while we await the results of a number of additional project funding.

The BETTER programme is nested in the Mental Health research program of the EMGO+ institute and is part of the Tripple E initiative (EMGO+ eHealth Excellence network). Triple E strengthens the research capital, innovation power and funding potential of eHealth studies through the multi-disciplinary collaboration between EMGO+ research teams and their stakeholders.

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Prof dr H. Riper   |  Professor of eMental-Health, VU University, Department of Clinical Psychology  |

Prof dr J.H. Smit  |  Managing Director of Research/ Department of Psychiatry/Professor of Methodology of Longitudinal Psychiatric Research, GGZ inGeest  / VUmc  |

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