Quality Committee

The Quality Committee is responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining a system for quality assurance and control for the institute. The system is aimed at supporting and improving the research process. Moreover, the Quality Committee advises the EMGO+ executive board on quality issues. To fulfil its tasks the quality committee audits research projects, maintains and expands this web-based quality manual and provides personal introductions to all newly appointed researchers within the institute. The quality committee consists of a representation of various professions, programs and departments of the institute. The members are:
Hilde van der Aa, MSc
QualityCommitteeThomas Wieringa, MSc
Maaike Huysmans, PhD
Helma IJzelenberg, PhD
Wim Kraan, MSc
Anne Loyen, MSc
Michel Paardekooper, PhD (quality officer)
Pauline Slottje, PhD
Mirjam Stuij, MSc
Agnes Willemen, PhD (chair)