Standing committees

Quality Control

The EMGO+ Institute has a number of institute specific resources that strongly facilitate scientific integrity and scientific quality in all phases of research, including study design, data collection, data analysis and reporting. The EMGO+ Institute attaches much importance to providing an environment that encourages good conduct in research and discourages misconduct, and to providing tools that maximize high quality research. However, as the institute has no formal role in the governance of research personnel, the responsibility for actual behavior remains with the department heads.

  • The EMGO+ Science Committee, consisting of senior investigators, which advises the EMGO+ executive board on matters concerning new research proposals and research policy. New projects must comply with EMGO+’s mission statement, fit into one of the four programs, demonstrate good methodological quality, use a health outcome as the primary dependent variable, lead to applicable results, and have an adequate budget.
  • EMGO+’s Quality Committee advises the EMGO+ executive board on matters concerning the quality of the primary process of conducting research. In principle, this consists of performing audits and formulating practical guidelines for research. The committee also seeks opportunities for quality improvement. All guidelines are available in a regularly updated quality handbook.
  • The PhD Committee consists of senior investigators and PhD students representing each research program. Its task is to advise the EMGO+ executive board on matters concerning the education, supervision, and assessment of PhD students. The PhD committee works in close collaboration with the CaRe training committee. The education committee is responsible for the Post-initial Epidemiology Programme in which many of EMGO+’s PhD students and junior investigators participate.


[last modified July 27, 2015]