Organization of the EMGO Institute

Organization of the EMGO+ Institute

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Strategic management of the EMGO+ Institute lies with the Executive Board consisting of the Director (prof. dr. Eco de Geus) and two vice directors i.e. members selected from the heads of the departments participating in the Institute (prof. dr. Willem van Mechelen and prof. dr. Brenda Penninx). The further organizational structure of the Institute is depicted here (jpg).

External Advisory Board

The Executive Board answers to the Board of Deans representing the VU University Medical Center, VU University Faculty Earth and Life Sciences, and VU University Faculty Behavioural and Movement Sciences. Strategic advice on positioning of the institute in the national and international context is obtained from the External Advisory Board, the composition of which is shown in table 1.

Name Affiliation Function
Prof. R. van Dyck (chair)       VU University Medical Center Amsterdam Emeritus Professor in Psychiatry, Former Head of the Department of Psychiatry
Drs A.M.P. van Bolhuis National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) Director Public Health and Health Services
Prof. S.E. Buitendijk University of Leiden Vice Rector Magnificus and member of the Executive Board
Prof. V.W.M. van Hinsbergh VU University Medical Center Amsterdam Emeritus Professor in Physiology, Former Director of the Institute for Cardiovascular Research (ICaR-VU)
Prof. J.A. Knottnerus Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) / Maastricht University Chair WRR / Professor of General Medicine
Dr A. Kroneman Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) Chief Medical Officer
Prof. J.P. Mackenbach Erasmus M.C., University Medical Center Rotterdam Chair of the Department of Public Health

Table 1: Advisory Board of the EMGO+ Institute in 2015

Intercollegiate connectivity with the directors of the four other VUmc research institutes is realized by VUmc Research Council membership of the EMGO+ director. The Research Council, headed by the VUmc dean, takes responsibility for general research policy and the research infrastructure of VUmc. The Research Council also provides advice to the VUmc Executive Board on how to spend the ex-ante research funding part of the VUmc performance-based funding model. Intercollegiate connectivity with the directors of the other VU research institutes is realized by participation of the EMGO+ director in the biannual discussion of general VU research policy of the Rector with all research institute directors and the Faculty research directors.

Day-to-day management

The Director and the Manager assisted by administrative support staff and three Committees carry out the day-to-day management of the institute. The Science Committee discusses and, with the help of reviewers, judges all project proposals and consists of a mix of midcareer and senior scientists representing EMGO+ scientific and methodological expertise. The quality officer chairs the Quality Committee. Their role is to introduce all EMGO+ researchers to the quality guidelines laid down in the EMGO+ quality handbook (, to advise on policies regarding scientific quality and integrity, and to perform yearly audits of research projects. The PhD Committee organizes the introductory day for PhD students, maintains an intervision system for PhDs, and reviews the PhD training- and education plans. It also produces PhD handbooks with tips and tricks, including the ‘Finish your PhD’ manual to guide students through the final six months of their PhD project.

Program directors

The eight program directors provide the scientific leadership of the institute. Per program two directors ensure sufficient interfaculty cross talk and scientific focus within the program. Together with the Executive Board they facilitate productivity in scientific and societal output as well as in external fund raising. Broad support for scientific and strategic policy is ensured through quarterly meetings of the Executive Board and program directors with the Management Committee that consists of the heads of participating departments (listed in table 2).

Multidisciplinary nature of the Institute

The multidisciplinary nature of the EMGO+ Institute is amply illustrated by the diversity of the participating departments listed in table 2:

Departments Head of department Research staff

in numbers

in FTE

FALW Health Sciences 
(incl. Nutrition and Health)
Maurits van Tulder 70 34.3
FALW Athena Institute Jacqueline Broerse 19 8.2
FGB Biological Psychology Dorret Boomsma 27 16.0
FGB Clinical Psychology Pim Cuijpers 68 37.8
FGB Developmental Psychology Hans Koot 23 12.8
FGB Clinical Child & Family Studies Carlo Schuengel 27 12.1
  total VU 234 121.2
VUmc Anesthesiology Stephan Loer 2 0.9
VUmc Clinical Genetics Hanne Meijers - Heijboer 13 8.0
VUmc Clinical Pharmacology & Pharmacy Noortje Swart 3 1.1
VUmc Epidemiology & Biostatistics Hans Berkhof (a.i.) 63 25.5
VUmc General Practice & Elderly Care Medicine Henriëtte van der Horst 62 25.2
VUmc Internal Medicine Mark Kramer 16 7.0
VUmc Medical Humanities Guy Widdershoven 40 13.6
VUmc Medical Psychology Frank Snoek 10 6.3
VUmc Midwifery Science Gea Vermeulen 24 7.1
VUmc Obstetrics & Genaecology Christianne de Groot 4 1.6
VUmc Ophthalmology Stevie Tan 10 4.3
VUmc Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery René Leemans 25 9.6
VUmc Pediatrics Hans van Goudoever 31 11.0
VUmc Psychiatry - GGZ inGeest Aartjan Beekman 84 39.2
VUmc Public & Occupational Health Willem van Mechelen 104 46.9
VUmc Rehabilitation Medicine Vincent de Groot 10 3.6
  total VUmc 501 210.7
  total VU+VUmc 735* 311.9

Table 2 - Departments participating in the EMGO+ Institute in 2015 ( *14 researchers are employed by multiple departments, so the grand total of EMGO+ researchers in 721).

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