EMGO communication

EMGO+ design 

We jointly build a professional image by communicating externally and internally with an unambiguous and recognizable style: one name, one logo, one identity and one mission. Our EMGO+ design is depicted here (pdf). Frequently used logos, banners and templates for presentations and posters can be downloaded below. For specific formats, sizes, ratios, file extensions and other questions concerning our corporate design, please do not hesitate to contact Evelien Bos.

VUmc's corporate design is available on VUmc intranet (login for VUmc employees only). For the corporate design of the Vrije Universiteit, click here.

Amsterdam Public Health design

To date, no corporate design or identity is available yet, for any of the Amsterdam Research Institutes. If you like to incorporate the APH logo in any of your correspondence or PowerPoint presentation please find the APH logo and the APH website banner in the downloads below.

Information sheets


Our logos are fully covered under our copyright. All images used in our current corporate design (as can be downloaded from this webpage) are obtained under a royalty-free license between EMGO+/VUmc and Shutterstock. EMGO+ cannot be held accountable on any grounds for copyright issues, claims or whatsoever as a result of the use of previous templates (for presentations and posters etc.)