About EMGO - Amsterdam Public Health

From the EMGO+ Institute to the Amsterdam Public Health research institute

The EMGO⁺ Institute is in transition towards the Amsterdam Public Health research institute (APH) by merging its EMGO⁺ research with the public health research of the AMC. This transition is part of the future alliance between VUmc and AMC, which is foreseen to materialize early 2018 pending approval by a number of overarching Dutch governmental bodies In order to allow for a smooth transition regarding the research agendas of Academic Medical Centers from January 2017 onwards all our EMGO⁺ activities are now officially part of APH, i.e. one of the eight research institutions of the alliance However, at the same time all current EMGO+ affairs are being settled properly until the end of 2017, because of the current funding cycle of EMGO+. APH is led by two directors, an AMC director (Prof. Judith Sluiter, PhD, MBA) and the director of the EMGO+ Institute (Martine de Bruijne, MD, PhD).

For more information about the Amsterdam Public Health research institute we kindly refer you to the APH website.